Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Election Day

The Greeks voted yesterday. No, not for a new Prime Minister. Neither for the European Parliament Elections (or, practice general elections as we like to call them in Greece). They voted for the Greatest Greek.

Our Greatest Greek is Alexander the Great of course, and I am expecting our neighbours to start organising their own show to vote for Alexander the Great as the Greatest Macedonian pretty soon. If any other countries are planning on claiming Alexander the Great as their own Greatest it would be really nice if they could wait until next year, because 3 titles in a year might be a bit too much for him.

I wonder if the competition should be repeated in a few years (say 4). It would be interesting to see if the Greeks have changed their minds about their Greatest until then. Of course, one could say that it would become boring having to vote one of the same handful of people every 4 years, but I disagree. We have managed it very successfully with our General Elections for the past few decades, so I am sure we would cope.

Maybe, to spice things up, we could have unknown stories about our Greatest Greeks coming out every now and then and changing the public opinion. For example, if we found out that Alexander didn't die at 33 but just got tired and decided to retire, or that Pericles secretly sold the Parthenon to Zeus in exchange for his support in the 12 Gods council, that would be reflected in the polls and eventually lead to a different Great Greek becoming the Greatest Greek.

I just hope that Sakis finds himself on that list at some point. I will definitely vote for him.

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